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There are three types of variables to consider:

1. Controlled variables - To be managed during the experiment so that the presence of these variables do no affect the experiment in any way
Eg. Usually temperature, (atmospheric) pressure, humidity are all controlled - unless required

2. Independent variable - The factor that is purposefully changed to gather data on how that factor influences the change in what is measured (results)

3. Dependent variable - The measurable product of the experiment that should be affected by the changes in independent variable


Open a new MSWord document and paste the Mind Map you have drawn inside.

Create a table with 2 rows and 3 columns as shown below, list down the factors (eg. temperature etc) which may affect the investigation task at hand (to investigate the fuel efficiency of cars). Justify in your MSWord document, why the different factors are sorted into the 3 categories.

Independent variables
Dependent variables
Controlled variables